Can you get a student loan for a PGCE?

Graduate students are able to apply for student loans. If you have not already done so, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid - so it can be sent to your school. The FAFSA will generate an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) that will be used by your school in conjunction with their COA (Cost of Attendance) in order to determine what type of student loan you can receive (whether it be Subsidized (where the interest is paid by the government until you six months after you graduate or withdraw from school) or Unsubsidized (where you are responsible for interest accumulation as soon as the loan is disbursed)). Loan limit information can be found at

In addition you may want to find out if there are any GRA/GTA positions available or if your education college/department has scholarships/grants offered by the school.

You should talk to a financial aid officer (student loans) and/or grad advisor (GRA/GTA) at your school for more information/guidance. Good luck!
Students on PGCE courses in England and Wales have to now pay tuition fees of £3070, of which a proportion can be paid by their local education authority (LEA). They receive a £6,000 training bursary (£9,000 for secondary shortage subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, English, Religious Education, Modern Foreign Languages, Design and Technology and Music, plus a Golden Hello of up to £2500 after successfully completing their induction period or £5000 for Mathematics and Science) over the course of the year. Students in Scotland and Northern Ireland still do not pay any fees, but do not receive a bursary. There are also other financial incentives for teachers once qualified.

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