Does paying interest on student loans while in school help credit?

well it depend on what kind of loan you have. anyways you shouldn't have to start paying any interest until after the 6 month grace period at least that is how my loans are. plus remember if you start paying on the loans you can't stop. if you miss a payment it is going to cost you big time.
Yes, but it'd be a lot better if you can figure out a way not to have to take out those loans!
yes, but don't go broke over it but the bigger the payments and the faster you pay off the debt the higher your credit will become.
It will help you pay them off quicker, but as long as your loan is not in default, your credit will not be impacted negatively.
It does help but try to take out the least amount of loans as possible and whatever loans you have, pay them off as soon as you're out of school. The longer you wait, the more interest you pay.

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