Advice for best way to pay for college?

Question:I have 0 money and couldn't didn't qualify for Pell grant after filing out fasfa...i figured I'd keep trying and then see over time if i can get money for doing good but for now i need a way. I signed up for 4000 from a private loan through my bank with 5% interest. Where I only pay interest until I'm done with school. Anyone know how it would be compounded (it said oriantation loan or something like that) is this the best way for now or what else could i try? Fastweb didn't have anything I qualify for that I saw. I'm 22, married we each make 10.00 /hr (me 40 hrs a wk him 37.5), atm I have only car payment as a loan thats 250 a month, he has nothing just car insurance, if it makes a diff

There are many student loan lenders.Before you go for one check the rate of interest and also see that the lender is a legitimate one.
Don't pay any money to get the laon. You can also try for some scholarship online.
To know more you can visit
You could apply for scholarships. is a great source.
Besides looking to loans and grants you should also sign up for those grocery rewards programs that give you education dollars when you shop.

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