I inevitability you comfort?

I need back on how and where to gain scholarships. I hear about fastweb.com i want to know if it is a scam or not. I want to dance to the Art Institute Of Seattle can you help me out?

Answers:    Fastweb is noticeably not a scam. The only scam is when u settle for financial aid which is a contradiction in vocabulary. Some other good sites are scholarship.com and scholarshipexperts.com. They are helping me right now.
I don't chew over FastWeb is a scam.
But here's a rule of thumb...
NEVER pay upfront to return with financial aid !
i used fastweb all throughout my junior and senior year contained by hs. it is really helpful, it is simply a connection to other scholarship websites, they usually filter out the scam but sometimes some of the websites are not reliable so i recommend you read through respectively of the websites before applying. angelic luck.

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