Federal Pell Grant!?

Question:I got one from my school after i completed my fafsa. Does the school get the money for me to use towards tuition and other stuff or do i actually get a check in the mail? The disbursement date is August 22nd 2007.

Pell Grant funds do not come directly to a student. The school will deduct your Pell Grant award from your tuition and fees. If there is any left then they will cut you a refund check (some schools send a check and some schools do a direct deposit; you should check to see which is which for your school).

You should talk to a financial aid officer at your school for more information/guidance. Good luck!
The money will be sent to the school, where they will deduct the cost of all tuition, fees, parking, books, etc. If their is money left over, it will be dispersed to you via the campus bursars office.
The money goes directly to the school. The school then deducts the cost of your tuition and fees. If you have already paid the tuition and fees the remaining funds will go to you by a check that will be disbursed by the college.

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