About Federal Parent Plus Loans?

Question:I am a freshman soon to be entering college in a couple of weeks. I didn't qualify for grants or anything so i must get loans. My total tuition for the year is 17,000 I just accepted a loan for myself that is 3,500. But the rest is offered in a federal parent plus loan. I don't know much about this, but i know my mother has enough financial stress as is and i don't know if i should accept it or not. I wonder can i get it in my name or what? I'm confused can someone with some knowledge in this situation offer me some advice..PLEASE!

The PLUS loan (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) is taken out by your parent(s). If your mom does not qualify for the PLUS loan, then you would be able to take out up to an additional $4000 in Unsubsidized funds under your own name.

Another avenue is a private loan although the interest isn't as great as with a federal loan.

More on loans can be found at www.finaid.org/loans.

You should talk your concerns over with a financial aid officer at your school. I'm sure s/he/they will be able to counsel you about your options. Good luck!
The Federal Paren PLUS loan is for your parents - they will be responsible for it. There is very loose qualifying for it, so unless your mom has lots of late payments, she'll get approved. Perhaps you can sign an agreement with your mom that says you'll be responsible for the payments. The loan still has to be in her name, but if you promise to pay, then that may help. There is no deferral on these loans; payments begin after the second disbursement at the beginnning of 2nd semester - so your first payment will be due in like February. Do you have the ability to make payments? This could be a problem.

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