College living cost?

Question:How much is a cheaper on campus or on edge place to live and how do i apply for scholarships? do scholarships work on living cost?

The school should provide you with a list of available housing and costs... many times you will have several to choose from... but be aware, if you are looking a the "dorm" style rooms they may appear very cheep, until you realize you are required to purchase a meal plan.
Many scholarships are very specific about what they can and can't pay for... it just depends on who is awarding the money. Others I have seen are simply a check mailed to the individual who earned it (and I'm sure drives financial aid officers crazy)... others do go directly to the school for specific costs.
Hope it helps, good luck!
Depends... sometimes living on campus is cheaper but living on campus isn't for everyone. Also finding an apt to share (cheaper) sometimes isn't all that easy either. Sorry I couldn't help more with the living arrangements I never lived on campus I preferred a place of my own. I have however listed a good place to look for scholarships below.
At my school(The University of Iowa), the dorms cost about $575 a month compared to some nice apartments for $250. Usually if you get an apartment for maybe three or four people you can get the place very cheap. At U of Iowa, the financial aid gives all the details as to how much they estimate all your expenses will be. For instance they estimate that for an average student it will cost $17,000 to live and study for two semesters. My financial aid covered my living expenses as well as room and board/tuition. Good Luck

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