"Can some one apply for financial aid a few days before school starts?

Some smaller schools are very forgiving about "owing" them money and sometimes even let you charge books on a recent FAFSA application. Other schools will drop your classes by a deadline for nonpayment. Find out which school is which (check more than one local school) and go from there. but word of warning... I've seen too many people enroll last minute with no $$ for books, supplies, or adequate planning to succeed - and they end up dropping out frustrated or angry. If you have suffient savings or a rich uncle or someone else willing to help you, then go for it... If there is a chance your car breaks down (or other similar event) with no backup plan or reserve $$ then WAIT!!
PS- applying early for financial aid means applying 5 or 6 MONTHs in advance. Good Luck!!
usually there's a deadline for financial aid. u can try tho. sometimes ppl drop their financial aid bc they dropped some classes. but usually there's a deadline. ask ur school.
You can apply for financial aid at any point in the school year but you may not get a decision for up to 6 weeks because it goes through the department of education and through the school as well. Ideally you should always apply for financial aid for the new school year immediately after you file your tax return for that year
Yes. You may have to pay cash at first, for school and books. But if you get financial aid, you will reimbursed.
not if you want any money usually financial aid is given well before start of school.
You can but it'll do you no good! Applications for any type of scholarships, grants or financial aid must be done with ample time. Applications for financial aid begin at least 6 months prior to enrollment at the university of your choice. Deadlines are very strict and missing only one of them will set you back immensely. Go on line and check for exact dates, timetables and requirements.
May 1st is the national deadline. But speak to the financial aid office at your university to see if they can help you

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