Does it cost money to be a member of Upromise?

Question:I was entering my information when it said 'billin address' so i was wondering if there was a fee to join. It doesnt say there is but i dunno.

Upromise is free to join and there is never a fee charged in the future. You are asked for a mailing address so when you request a withdraw from your account, there is a physical address on file.

Also, it is never too late to join, contrary to what some people believe. One idea for members with students in high school is that you can use the funds to help pay down college loans. Additionally, the rewards members earn never expire so they can be used to support students of current and future generations.

More and more companies have partnered with Upromise, so the potential to earn rewards presents itself with many products or services you are going to purchase. This includes groceries, gasoline, online shopping, dining out, real estate, travel, and so much more. Some of the "super saver" members have earned more than $1000 per year, so don't get persuaded into believing Upromise is not worth your while, especially since it is free.

Hope this helps!
I am a member, and I never pay anything. When I use a credit/debit card that I have registered with upromise, at a place that contributes to upromise, it shows up on my statement as savings. It’s a great program. It takes YEARS to accumulate any kind of real savings, but any money to help with education is a plus. Also, you can get your friends and family to sign up too and then you have lots of people contributing toward your child’s education (or whoever is the beneficiary).
It's free to join, but dont bother joining if you only have 2 years or so until college. I've had an account for college for the last six years and Ive made like $211 bucks.

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