Can I still get help with university fees when I am 21?

Question:I have declined an offer to go to university this year, I have been offered help with the fees does anyone know will I still be elgible for help with the fees next year when I am 21?

yup! as long as you fill out the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) around the beginning of march of next year, you'll be good to go. however, chances are you won't get quite as much aid, as you are an adult and the politicians hate you.

it's a pretty easy process, you can do it all online... they just quiz you on tax information and the such, then tell you how much money you get a few weeks later. your individual school will have you fill out some forms and such, but they'll usually take you through that pretty thoroughly.

good luck!
Yes you can, my daughter is in the same situation and she will get all her fees, grants etc.
This depends on your household income and what Degree Course you intend taking. Some courses have build in fees for students, eg Social Worker's courses as there is it seems a shortage of Social Workers.Other courses also have allowances for living expences and of course in Scotland, you don't pay fees for some courses.Check out the sealing limit for income allowed with the University you intend to study with. Write to the University of your choice and tell them about your decision to delay your entrance date, they will advise you and hold your place.
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