Does anyone recieve carer payment for an Autistic child?

Question:I'm asking this question because of my extreme circumstances at home and the fact that the government expect me to find work for at least 15 hours per week when in fact I'm lucky if I have a spare 5 hours per week! I never get to have a night out or time to do my own thing.

I too have an Autistic child. i am not sure what state you live in but in mine (CA) we have Regional Centers that assist familes who have special needs children (ie. MR, Autism) with issues that can not be addressed in school. I have not tried this but their is something called respite care where you can have a qualified person to care for your child while you get a night out. I think under certain circumstances you can get it for a week or so. This program has helped some parents to cope with the stress of caring for a child with Autism or Cerebral Palsy. Check to see if your state has this or a similar organization. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Is the gov't going to pay for the child care?...Does the child have a father to pay some support, so you don't have to get gov't assistance?..My kids are healthy, I don't get a night out or anything's called being a mom...I'm sorry you feel so burdened, but, I think you may do better coping with a little time away.
If you care for a child who is a foster or adopted Autistic child, you can get money for caring for the child. If the child is your own, I've never heard of it.

Have you considered babysitting other children with Autism...that way you will at least get more money, as you stay home, anyway!

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