Question:i qualified with a degree in june. im unable to find any job in my area or surrounding areas and so went on social welfare - jobseekers allowance for the time being. i have decided to return to college this september to carry out further education in a part time course, 2 days a week. the problem is there still isnt any jobs suitable for my degree. i would rather volunteer and build up my experience which will stand me me more rather than work in a weekend type of job. i know that you cant be on social welfare if you are in full time education. but basically i cant get a job unless i move away, and the college is local. so as the course is part time, are there any benefits or entitlements i can get just to get me through the college year, besides a college grant...

it takes time
took me some time to get into my field
it will happen
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Well, since I don't know what your degree is in, I don't know what types of jobs you qualify for. If you live in a small town, you may have to move to a larger town for the job you desire. Check out some resources at your library. There are a ton of books about what you can do with your major, and you may find something you hadn't even thought of. Then check out They list TONS of jobs, and it's really easy to search and apply for them. Good luck!!
Because you're over 18 (unless you're some kind of child genius!), unless you have dependents and are in full time higher education, I don't think there's much out there in the way of benefits.

Voluntary work is a great idea, as it will give you an employment history and most employers like the idea that you've given something back to the community and kept busy while job hunting. Also, have you thought about signing up with a temp agency? That way there should be some work and money coming your way, and you might gain some extra skills from whatever you do. Sounds corny, but I learnt how to pack and seal boxes for shipping when I temped for an online sweet shop, and it's stood me in good stead since part of my current job involves packing up brochures and giveaways for stands at trade shows and conferences.

Another benefit of joining an agency or 3 is that a lot of them also do permanent jobs, so you'll have a better chance of finding something, or at least getting some interview experience. It might also broaden your perspective a bit, as sometimes it's easy to discount possibilities just because they aren't the exact thing you're trained for. I know this from experience, as I did a degree based purely on the subjects I liked, and then didn't see anything that remotely seemed to fit after I graduated. I've been in my current job, found through an agency and something I'd not even thought of doing, for just over 2 years now and I'm still enjoying it even if my boss is a bit of a trial at times and one of my colleagues gives me murderous thoughts just by breathing.

Another option is to look at graduate careers websites like (national university careers service, normally accessible up to 5 years after you leave uni) and . Both sites list internships and training schemes in addition to jobs, and if nothing else one of these might be good as a stepping stone.
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