Do you know of any scholarships for someone who wants to transfer out of a junior college into a state school?

Question:I hate high school and I want to drop out and enroll in a junior college that is cheap, but I don't want to stay there as ultimately I want to go to a state school, which will not accept me as a GED student but will accept me as a transfer student. Please, no "just finish high school" or "it's not that bad answers".

My only caution to you is, whatever you dislike about high school may follow you to college. Perhaps you should take a class or two to decide if it's what you really want. I don't know about merit scholarships, but you may qualify for need-based scholarships and financial aid. I hated high school, but instead of dropping out, I took many classes at communtiy college which counted toward my high school classes (Math, English, History, Gym, etc.) I skipped a whole year of high school by doing this, and I spent very little time at the high school. Good luck with whatever you do!
I don't know where you are, so I'll answer for California. In this state all you need to get into a junior college is to graduate from high school or live to your 18th birthday. Junior colleges are publicly supported so are relatively inexpensive. Books cost a mint wherever you go. Go to the junior college's counseling or financial aid office and tell them your needs. There are tons of scholarships to four year schools, and there are even junior college scholarships.

You might even wind up finishing high school on the junior college campus. In any event, good luck.
I don't care if it's not the answer YOU want to hear... the answer is FINISH HIGH SCHOOL. you either have to do things THEIR way... or you won't get to do anything... so it's either stay in High School or forget college.
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