College tuition in collections?!?

Question:I had a credit collections agency contact me and inform me that I owe like $9,000 to the college I had first attended. I knew it couldn't be right because I had all my tuition covered with grants, scholarships, and the rest in student loans. I had them print me out a statement and it was for Fall of 2004 - which I had attended a different college at that point. I can't remember if I registered for classes and then decided to go elsewhere but I don't feel I owe $9,000 for something I did not attend. What should I do?

if you signed up for classes and did not drop them, you will still have to pay for them. there is nothing stating that you cannot attend 2 colleges at the same time so telling them you attended another school then would not change anything. talk with the student accounts office to find out which classes you are being charged for. maybe that will jog your memory as if those were classes you had scheduled but never attended. college isnt high school, they do not take attendance and do not care if you never show up for the classes. once you are signed up, you are financially obligated to pay for them if you do not drop them within the correct amount of time. maybe they would be willing to work with you but if it is your fault (signed up for classes and never dropped them) you are going to have to pay at least some of the total even in the best of circumstances for you. sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear.
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