FAFSA questin??

I m a H.S junior and thinking about FAFSA application surrounded by my senior year..My dad became sick when i be freshman and mom got tumor contained by brain when i m sophmore..so both of them quit their job..and very soon they are earning hugely little(less than 29000per year)..i have two more brothers 13,6. i hold 96-98% average mark every year.. will i know how to get a better amonut of financial aid if i jump to college like harvard?

Answers:    If you are junior immediately, you won't be able to complete the FAFSA until the 0910 college year when you'll be a freshmen in college, and that FAFSA won't be available until after January 1, 2009.

Your FAFSA will work out what is called an EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Schools will use your EFC surrounded by conjunction with the COA (Cost of Attendance) to determine what types/how much financial aid you will receive.

You could also try and bring within some financial aid yourself by applying for outside scholarships. Here are some links to capture you started:

College Board Homepage


Free Scholarship Search

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

You will probably have a low EFC which resources you will be eligible for a good deal of aid. But you usually receive the best financial aid bundle from the school's within your home state.

You should homily to your guidance counselor for more information. Good luck!
You'll get aid base on your need, not how much the arts school costs. Plus, aid comes from different places (the school, state, and federal government) and it comes surrounded by many different forms such as grant and loans. Don't wait until right up to that time graduation to apply because all of the free money is given away quick.

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