Does anyone know a good helpline for drug adicts who need to get clean and get housing. finacial support?

if you are in the Uk then the talk to frank helpline is a good starting point. There number is free 0800 776600
good luck and i wish you well.
You could try halfway houses. I don't know where you are so I can't give any specifics, but you could call some generic helplines or a church.
Talk to

Most famous in UK xx
There's a talkline called Dave. They will speak to you frankly about the issues, options etc.
ask frank
right now I'm trying to fight drug addiction so if you are in southern California, if you get buster, the county helps you with all that. Probation helps you clean up and get you housing and even a job. here are some links:
P.S. i know it may be hard sometimes but drugs is never the answer.
Here's a site that lists all the best drug rehabilitation centers around:

Good luck!

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