Does someone know any way that i can get money for room & board for when i go to college?

Question:are there any good scholarships out there that wont be a hassel?

First off, fill out a fasfa and see if you're eligible for any financial aid or government loans.
Any scholarship can be applied to room and board for college because its part of the estimated cost of attendance a school gives out. Even if you live off campus you will get money if you qualify.

For scholarship search check out or talk to your highschool counselor about local scholarships or grants that you can apply for.

PS. If you want a scholarship, you have to work for it. So there's no "hassle" free one about there.
Why not apply for a PEL grant?
There are many student loan lenders.Before you go for one check the rate of interest and also see that the lender is a legitimate one.
Don't pay any money to get the laon. You can also try for some scholarship online.
To know more you can visit
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