Are their any private loans for students with bad credit?(very bad situation)?

Question:I am working two jobs and I have $11,000 in tuition due and I am not eligible for federal aid I need to go to school, because I want to make opportunities for my daughter please help

Hello Friend!
Unless you borrowing from a Friend or from Family , you have not a chance in hell to obtain a loan from any financial institution.......
You have show them that you were no trust able and that you do not respect your engagements , SO !! they will not come to the party or to your help..
NOW is to you to rebuild their trust !! and the good news is , because they are shark and really they want your custom, they will trust you again rather rapidly. Start by a small, very small loan , even from friend and build up so you will be able to give your happy creditors as references...No other way my friend...You have also few dishonest on the street , genre "Mafia" that will loan you money at a incredible high taux of interests a month and that will come collect if you do not respect your commitments...that is trouble, really troubles , big ones..
I'm Sorry that I cannot give you better news but as we say in the old country "like you make your bed , you sleep!" Follow my advice and correct your situation , Good Luck!
all private loans are dispursed based on credit history. if you have bad credit, you would need a cosigner with good credit to qualify. try your local bank. since you already have a relationship with them they may be able to set you up with a loan. ask family for assistance. if you arent able to do either of these, you may have to wait and save the money for school before starting. if you cannot collect financial aid you are in a rough spot.
Get valuable tips on bad credit from . It's a very useful website.
There are many student loan lenders.Before you go for one check the rate of interest and also see that the lender is a legitimate one.
Don't pay any money to get the laon. You can also try for some scholarship online.
To know more you can visit
YES, I found information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here. Good luck!
I went through "The Student Loan Corporation" <> But be careful. When you finish the application, read everything before signing and then make a copy (or 2) of every document, including the Master Promissory Note(MPN). The same goes for the fafsas.
Students who are looking for a bad credit student loan should pick three schools they are most interested in, talk to the admissions office, and ask what is needed to apply in their school.A bad credit<!--student loan is payable only after the student has completed his or her education, and has started earning a certain minimum amount. You can find more information on Student Loan here,

The minimum amount that the candidate of the bad credit student loan is required to earn has also increased. Bad credit student loans are available as both secured and unsecured loans-->depending on whether you are a homeowner or not. The rate of interest to be paid on unsecured bad credit student loans is higher than that on secured bad credit student loans. This is because the secured bad credit student loans are backed by your home as a security.

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