Dependent Verification?

Question:Has anyone had to do a Dependent Verification packet with their office of financial aid before? This is my second year doing one and they tell me it's completely random and that 30% of the population that recieves federal aid is required to do this. I've never heard of or seen this before.

I've had to do them as an Independent Verification. They got me the past two years. It gets kinda annoying. Yes, I went to the FASFA website and I did see that it is supposedly random selecting 30% of the population. I guess were just the lucky!
Verification is random. A school is required to do verification on 30% of the students who recieve aid. If through the random verification by the fereal goverment, a school doesn't meet the 30%, they are reqired to select additional students to meet the 30%. Witht hat being siad, there are things that istudenyt put on thier FAFSA forms that cause them to be selected.

For example:

If a student puts onthe form that they will not file taxes but have made more than $8,450, you will be selected.

If a married student and her spouse have an adjusted gross income of say, $50,000, but you feel the amount that you and your spouse make is kind of equal ($25,000 and $25,000) and you put the same amount in the data field, you will ALWAYS be selected for verification.

Anything that seems out of the ordinary will cause you to be selected.
I had to do it for two years. Random people are picked, but it's also done when there's discrepancies between your FAFSA from last year and your FAFSA from the current year that they want verified. For instance, my first year I had taken a year off and they wanted verification of my income. Second year, one of my parents died, so my FAFSA looked drastically different from my FAFSA last year.

I hate it because it makes you get your financial aid later, but it's really no big deal. Just another form to fill out and send back.
Verification is the process established by the Department of Education to check the accuracy of aid applications. The FAFSA processor does randomly select students for Verification. But schools also have the option of selecting additional students for Verification.

Your SAR (Student Aid Report) should have a comment on there if you were selected for Verification by the FAFSA processor ('You have been selected for a process called "Verification"..."). If it's on there then you know that the CPS did indeed select you and not your school.

From personal experience - even though it is random, I was selected for Verification each of my four years of school. As long as no income information mistakes were made completing your FAFSA, then your EFC will not change.

Good luck!

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