Does FAFSA come back in the form of a check? what am i entitled to exactly? and how long does it usually take?

Your financial aid is paid to the school that you are enrolled at. Your school uses the money to pay for your tuition, books and supplies that you have purchased through them. If ,after they take out what you owe to the school, there is anything left, you will get a check from the school. The amount of financial aid that you receive depends on your income. Your school will tell you how much you qualify for. It is up to you to decide if you want to take the full amount they will loan you, or if you only want to borrow enough to pay for classes. Talk to your financial aid director for more help.
Your financial aid will come back in the form of a check, either written directly to you or sent to your school's financial aid office. You can read more about the financial aid process here:

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