Can't afford college textbooks?


What do you do if you can't afford college textbooks? They're just so expensive. I've choosen 6 classes and all the books that I have to buy are about $1000! Just can't afford them!

Do you think it is Okay to borrow from the library? Or it is better to copy from my classmates? Or...

Need your help! Thank you!

Text books are very expensive. What you can do is find out if there are old text books that have been turned in from other students. I know many students will buy used text books.

Also try looking online for the name of the book. Be sure you have the correct edition of the book. Try, or I know that I have gotten books from campus before. When buying a used book be sure to make sure all pages are in it. One of my classmates bought a book and it was missing about 15 pages. I know we helped her out by copying the missing pages so she could complete her work.

Also check with your councilor. They might be able to get you some sort of scholarship that would include prices of books.

The problem about borrowing from the library is that the book might not always be available when you need it.

Also borrowing from classmates might not be feasible either if they have the same assignments that you do. They just might not want to share them. Plus if your reviewing something in class it might not be feasible to sit together to share the book. I am not sure this would be practical at all.
borrow at the libary
Have you tried to get financial aid?
Or you can buy your books online:
did you check the price for used books they are much much cheaper and there is usually some available unless they are using a new print for the year
Search bulletin boards especially outside the classroom. Check the used bookstores around campus. Explain your problem to the Professor/teacher - they can be very helpful with all sorts of items!
Lastly, my brother always sold plasma to get his books and lab fees.
You could go to your first day of class without the books and get a feel from the teachers which ones you have to own, then you might talk to each teacher and find out if they have an extra copy or if one is avail at a library. Some schools have student or department run book loan programs - this may be true if there is a high number of low income people at the school you attend.
I bought most of my books online last semester ... I couldn't afford the bookstore! I bought on eBay and did an ISBN search for the other books I needed and located them through various used book suppliers. (One is in SD and had GREAT prices, but I can't remember their name.) Ask your professors if you can use an older edition of the textbook. My anatomy professor let me use the 10th edition instead of the 11th edition, and that saved me over $100 on one book.
Well for one you can borrow the book from someone else especially if your taking basic classes.

Two, your books should NEVER be close to $1000 if you know where to shop.

Did you start classes already? If not then wait until you get your syllabus from your professors to see if they even want you to get the book. Most of the time they'll tell you not to get it because they wont use it. Its usually just a departmental requirement that the teachers dont follow.

When you figure out which books you are in NEED of, go to ebay and type in the ibsn number, it should be on or on the syllabus you get from school.

Dont stress it. You'll be fine. Theres always a way to work the system.
There are many scholarships given out by government and other organisations every year. You can try for some online government scholarships or grants. Fill up online forms and see if you are selected for the scholarship.
To know more you can visit
It is absolutely okay to borrow from the library, but just remember to recheck them out once their due dates are up.

You can also share with your classmates if you both have the same classes and can do it, but this is usually a hassle.

Here are also some sites where you can get cheap college textbooks:

Good luck!
I must say $1000 sounds a bit dubious to me. You do not need all of the "suggested" or "recommended" books. Just get the course textbook.
A lot of people have given you some great tips already so I wont repeat them.
My first impression to your question is: Well then you can't afford to take the class. So take a look at what you are spending your money on. Many people claim to not be able to afford things but have plenty of money for things that are not essential. I have no idea it this applies to you or not but always check your priorities.
Secondly, six classes is A LOT. Are you sure you can handle that course load? If you can't afford it financially then I suspect you are a working student like I was. As a working student I could only reasonably handle around 12 units. Any more and my grades suffered. Your answer may be to take less classes instead. Very few people actually graduate in 4 years anymore anyway.
Oh yea, one of the things I found out too late was that the previous edition of the textbook is very cheap and 90% identical to the new edition. Sometimes all that changed was the order of the chapters and the pictures were more fancy. So don't believe that you must have the latest edition to make A's in the class in all cases.
do one thing...wht my friends and i do...
take one book with in a group of 5 (0r acc. to u) and divide it into parts...havin 1 unit each...
so at the time of study rotate these parts one by one...

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