Does anyone know how I can get a grant or other funding for my Autistic Son?

Question:I am trying to find as much funding as I can get for my son's recovery. I am a single Mom and money is tight. I could really use as much funding as possible. He has the medicaid waiver and SSI right now. I have 3 other children besides him and there is never enough to go around.

Other than SSI and Medicaid, there is not much. You can apply for food stamps, and free hot lunch program. You can also apply to WIC for if any of your children are younger than school-age.

The Department of Children Health & Families does have Temporary funds (TANF) for emergencies that qualify.

Sorry I cannot think of any others.
Google "Vocational Rehabilitation Services" and add your state of residence. Hope that helps.
There are many scholarships given out by government and other organisations every year. You can try for some online government scholarships or grants. Fill up online forms and see if you are selected for the scholarship.
To know more you can visit
You have many options to help fund for your son's recovery.

Here are some sites that offer autism grants or scholarships:

And since you're a single mom here are some sites that offer grants and scholarships:

Good luck!

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