Do i get it every year ?

Question:hello, i have just finished my first year at university and am just wondering if i get maintenance grant every year for the whol 3 years ? thanks for your help

You will but you must fill in the forms when you receive them. If you don't receive any forms then log onto the student loans website. When you first applied you should have got a log on ID and password so you can check you account and I'm told you can renew your claim online for your second and, later, third year. I received forms thru the post to renew my claim some time ago... You could contact your county council student loans department if you've heard nothing.
You have to reapply every year.
Hi, a lot of grants you need to reapply for every year. You should ask whoever is giving you the grant (try writing to your university's scholarship office).
You have to reapply every year.
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You will continue to get your maintence grant til you finish your course if you fill in the form when it is ment to be completed

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