Fasfa for summer?

Question:i filled out my fasfa for the 07-08 school year and it only had the fall and spring semesters on it when i fill it out for next year will it include summer on that one

At the college that I go to, the summer is included in the the year, so therefore, when I filled out my Fasfa for 07-08, it did include summer. I'm not sure how it works at the school that you go to, but at mine, the amount that you get for financial aid is usually used only for fall and spring. Whatever is left is sent to me in a refund check, and if I want to take summer classes, I am expected to keep the refund to pay for them. Summer school is generally not considered a necessity, so it doesn't have it's own category. I would suggest talking to the financial aid office at your college and see if they can spread your aid out throughout the whole year rather than just for the fall and spring. Good luck!
From my experience only State Grants will cover Summer Sessions. If you reside in California, apply for the BOG (Board of Governers)...I have that and it waives all tuition for all Semesters.

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