Average joe schlorships?

Question:i was talking to a guy at my work yesterday who told me that there were $200000 worth of schlorships WITHOUT REQUIREMENT that went unclaimed last year...

where are these at??

im an average type of student who's not particularly talented enough in anything to get amazing schlorships but i need money for college too.. lol.

know anything?

Here are some good sites to check out:


Good luck!
Talk to George Costanza.
There are great aids to college education like Pell grants which NEVER HAVE TO BE PAID BACK because they are grants. They are based entirely on 2 things: financial need (as determined by their guidelines) and getting there before the money is all used up, i.e. early application.

Talk to your chosen college's financial aid officer. Good luck.
Go to the library. Get "The Scholarship Book 11th Edition: The Complete Guide to Private-Sector Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Loans." I remember seeing this book of scholarships in my public library. I don't know about there being that many unclaimed scholarships. That sounds kind of suspicous.
Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U. Check it out……..


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