Are you receiving financial aid in a community college?

Question:Can any one please tell me what's a pell grant make up run?
Another question ..They say in my CA community college that they will make the pell grant check disbursement in august 9 when do I actually receive the check? does it really take up to three weeks? any information will help..thanks

Check this website out

The department of education has guidelines in which requirements for payouts of student loans/grants/etc is to be paid out. For instance, my school has dates set for Sept/Oct, then again in Feb/Mar. With that, they disburse the monies within the allotted time frame. But it can not exceed 60 days from the beginning of the semester. Most schools are awaiting the "drop/add" cut off dates before disbursing the money.

Also check out the FAFSA website where they will also give you the amount that you were awarded for the school year. My school divides the amount up over the year and distributes it accordingly. It is possible that you will receive the check within the week of the 9th, depending on the cut off date to have a record of active participation in classes. My particular college, has a 30 day window before they cut checks. Enrollment and participation is required for 30days, which is the cut off for drop/enrollment.

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Contact your college Financial Aid Office.
You may not get a check in the mail. Instead the check will be sent to your school and they will handle it from there. Contact your financial aid office to get your questions answered. If all youre using is a pell grant to cover the cost of tution you may not have enough to pay for school. I guess it all depends on your financial need when it comes to how much the pell grant will give you. Make sure there are no holds on your student account and that all your tution for the semester or year is paid for. Other wise you will need a loan, another grant, or scholarship.
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