Fafsa question?

Question:This year I received a total of 10,800 between financial aid, pell grant and federal loan...I am not resident of the state I am attending University, my question is:

Next year when I apply again will they give the same amount? Or will they consider that I will be a resident and deduct some amount because I will have to pay less because of my resident status?

Thank you in advanced for your answers.

You would have to see what the stipulations are in regard to in-state tuition at your school. Most school require a student to live and work for a year (without attending school) in the state to be considered a resident for tuition paying purposes. Some schools may allow you to be an in-state resident since you've been going there a year. You'll have to ask to see which your school does.

When you apply next year, you won't necessarily get the same amount of aid. It's all dependent upon your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and the school's COA (Cost of Attendance). If the information filed on your FAFSA for 0708 remains about the same for 0809 then you will have close to the same EFC. The COA may change because tuition/fees may go up at your school.

If you will be classified as a resident next year, then your financial aid may go down. The reason is is that your financial aid cannot exceed your COA.

You should talk to a financial aid officer for more information/guidance. Good luck!
Yes, your financial aid is re-considered every year.
But no, they won't deduct just because you reside in a different state. Does your family still not live in the state of your University? If this is the case, then you won't get deducted financial aid.
If your family moved to where you're living, I think you should check with your university.
Actually, I kind of assumed you are living with your family and they are paying/loaning for your tuition. If you are paying for it yourself, I don't think they would deduct money because of where you are currently residing but I definately suggest you contact the financial aid department of your university.

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