Fafsa question?

Question:This year I received a total of 10,800 between financial aid, pell grant and federal loan...I am not resident of the state I am attending University, my question is:

Next year when I apply again will they give the same amount? Or will they consider that I will be a resident and deduct some amount because I will have to pay less because of my resident status?

Thank you in advanced for your answers.

it depends on your state and college. i know in california the residency requirements are extremely difficult for those who werent basically born there. talk with your financial aid office and/or look at the student handbook. it should state the residency requirements for your school. most schools require only one year of residency in order to be called an in-state student but there are exceptions so check at your individual school.
for your financial aid, the award would be based on the cost of attendance for your school. if you were to be awarded residency status, your tuition cost would go down and so would your aid since your cost isnt so high.
Im pretty sure to be considered a resident you have to be living there for a couple of years. It depends on a lot of things, if your income (or your parents income) changes that effects the fafsa amount.
once u live in that state for 3 or more months u r a resident. u live there now so when u do those applications respond as a resident. u may go home on breaks but u still live there more time. so u should get the same amount.
Unless the state of your or your parent's finances has changed drastically, it should not change at all. You won't be given residency in the state because you were at the school for one year, residency is based on living in the state before starting freshman year. In order to be considered a resident, you'd have to establish permanent residence in the state (i.e. register to vote there, register your vehicle there etc.) - school address is not considered a permanent address.
it depends on your state and college. I found interesting information about your answer, Federal loans here. http://all-student-loan-consolidation.bl... Good luck!

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