Do you need to fill out the Fafsa to take out a private loan?

Question:I took out a sallie mae private loan that was approved already and I was even given a disbursement date. The problem is when I called the college they said I should pay my tuition in cash, because they need me to fill out the Fafsa first? I thought private loans didn't require a filing of the Fafsa? Does that make any sense to anyone? HELP. I don't qualify for government aid because I didn't take 24 cumulative credits last year. Thanks.

It sounds like the person at the school is confused. Probably heard you say sallie mae and saw you hadn't done a fafsa.

It's not needed for private student loans. The money will be sent directly to you and you just pay the bursar cash.
No. but I would try and avoid taking private student loans try going here http://www/thestudentloanconso...

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