Fafsa question?

Question:This year I received a total of 10,800 between financial aid, pell grant and federal loan...I am not resident of the state I am attending University, my question is:

Next year when I apply again will they give the same amount? Or will they consider that I will be a resident and deduct some amount because I will have to pay less because of my resident status?

Thank you in advanced for your answers.

You are fine, every time you get 30 credits you get more aid, so if you are a freshmen get 30 credits, sophomore 60, junior 90. I work at financial aid office for 2 years. The fafsa is federal aid not state so it does not change, you may have to pay out of state tution, but does not alter the amount you get for fafsa. Another thing is do not make over 9,000 dollars otherwise you may lose money on the pell grant.
You have to fill out a FAFSA every year. The laws and rules change each year.

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