Applying for food stamps in Texas?

Question:I have 3 young children and I quit my career to stay at home. My husband has left me, but for now is still paying the rent for our house, as well as the utilities. I don't have any extra money to buy food or other misc. items.

I went to apply for food stamps and recieved them for one month, then they sent me a letter stating that I had an interview. When I did the phone interview the lady was very rude and asked me how I was buying toilet paper and shampoo and that type of stuff. I told her that my husband gave me about $100 per month for that but it is just not enough to buy food too. They said I would receive a decision in the mail. I got a letter asking for me to have 3 neighbors sign it and verify that I lived there. I moved here about 3 months ago and I haven't met anyone, so I really can't do that.

I didn't send it back quick enough so I was denied. I need help on what to say or do when I reapply. My husband came back for a while but now is gone again.

OK I stay in Texas and I had food stamps before...

When you go into the office tell them you want emergency food stamps and because you are not working you have to get your husband to write a letter stating that you both are separated and he is paying the bills. He also have to write that he is not paying for the food are clothing and whatever else he is not doing..Tell her household items he do help out with a little but you have to work with whatever you get. Bring 2 bills and his most current check stub. But don't give her the check stub if she doesn't ask and if she do ask.ask her why do she need it..Bring your social security card and your kids cards. Make sure the letter that your husband write is signed and dated.

I by doing the following above you should have 3 months worth of food stamps..

But first call and report whom ever was working with you at first because that food stamps was very rude and I would have told her that her mother was paying for my toilet paper and shampoos...

anyway, I'm not sure how much you would get but for just me being pregnant at the time with no job and my husband who wasn't working at the time I got 254 a month..

You should get close to 400.00 maybe
go to the dept. of health and human services in your area. apply in person not over the phone... take notarized letters of what your rent is signed by your landlord with name address and phone numbers (whether it be rent for 1 room from your friend. what ever...) your part of electricity a notarized letter from your ex that says he gives you $100 however often, take all your bills- and girl make sure you get the appointment in person... things are easier to explain in person... i hope that helps...
You do realize they are going to make you look for work, right?

IN any case, yeah they can be a real pain. Just reapply and have all your ducks in a row. It has been 15 years since I was on welfare in Texas, so the rules have likely changed.

In the meantime, locate your local WIC office. If any of your kids are under 5 you should be able to get WIC vouchers for the basics. They are alot easier to work with than the welfare office. Also check with food pantries and the Salvation Army to get you through.
they are not going to help you if your husband keeps coming and going you must turn in paper work they are rude it is hard they wont give you much money so you need to find a job they will pay for child care they will put the kids on medical that will help don't take money from your husband until child support and they will make you file on him so if you get money don't tell them they really stink it is difficult my son has a illness they deny me for medical because my husband makes to much money my son takes a ten thousand dollar treatment every eight weeks they don't care good luck i hope you get what you need
here might be a good suggestion.I know this might sound ..should i say different.Please try it.First of all take a deep breath.Your gonna start all over again with what is going on with you.Go into a private part of the house and hit your knees and ask GOD to be with your children and you in this time of need and to give you strength to walk through this.After you have totally surrendered and giving your self to JESUS then take things one part at a time.Everything will work out.Go down to where you get the food stamps and start all over and request to see a different person and let them know why.Tell them that you are new this and your scared and you need help.When they give you directions on what to do then follow going to 3 different neighbors.I have never heard of that one..but if that's what they want you to do,then do it.The interview is very important for you.You MUST NOT miss it.When it is all said and done.You will beat this,they are gonna go after your husband.You must not be afraid,think of your children.The state will handle him.My point to all this..You must stay focused for your childrens sake and don't let the fear and un-known beat you.Have faith..GOD will make sure your children are fed..You must do your part...good luck.

babygurl sounds like she has been there done that..take her advise.
haha! yu need them

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