Do you think my fiance will receive the pell grant?

Question:He's 24 and no longer needs his parent's income on the fafsa. He makes less than 3k a year. His parent's still support him (for the most part), but fafsa didn't require info on that.

It depends - there are many factors in determining the EFC (Expected Family Contribution). What about any savings or anything of the sort? If he has some time while he's waiting for his FAFSA to be processed, he can check out this link:

It shows how the EFC is calculated. Either way, when he gets his SAR (Student Aid Report) and it if it says he's eligible for a Pell Grant he would get any where from $400 (for an EFC of 4110) to $4310 (for an EFC of 0).

He should talk to a financial aid officer at his school for more information/guidance. Hope that helps!
Sure, why not. Just answer correctly. Omit any mentions of parental support on the FAFSA or anywhere else and you are good to go.

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