Any other ways of proving I am now a resident so I dont have to pay out of state college fees?

Question:how do i show i have been in this state for a year, because my college is charging me out of state fee's which is outrageously more expensive than in-state students. I moved from michigan to texas 13 months ago. They asked for my work pay stubs, but I didnt get a job until november of last year, so that would be no use.

You should check with the Admission's or Registrar's office. Many times schools require you to live and work within the state for one year **without** going to school to obtain residency for tuition paying purposes. You should see if that is a stipulation of your school.

Good luck!
Phone bill, electric bill, car title, driver's license, state ID, landlord statement.
If you moved into an apt. or house and your name is on the lease you could ask for a copy of it and that would show the approximate date of when you arrived.
You should be able to use your drivers license and receive a statement from your landlord.
Proof of residency paper trail: Electric bills, water bills, rental receipts, all dating from when you first started receiving them. Get those together and show them to you financial aid office.
I moved from Mississippi to Texas and worked for a year, so I know this struggle.

First, were you going to this school for the last year? Because if you were, some colleges don't consider living there for college as being a resident and you should talk to your school about that.

When I had to prove residency, I just sent them a myriad of things. If you didn't get a job till November, did you have a bank account? Get an official note from your bank stating how long you have had an account there. Have you been paying any bills for the last year? Send copies (marking out sensitive information!) of these bills, especially where it shows your address. If you're renting an apartment/house/etc., get a letter from your manager stating how long you have been living there.

Most schools want three things to prove residency as well, so keep that in mind.

If none of this helps, go talk to your school and explain your situation. They might be able to work something out with you.

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