Benefits of filing as an independant in fafsa??

First - can you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions for the 0708 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid -

were you born before January 1, 1984
are you a graduate or professional student
do you have children you support
do you have legal dependents
are you an orphan or ward of the court
are you active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces
are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces

If not then you would not be able to file as an Independent student and would need to provide your parent(s) income/tax information as well as your own.

If you are able to answer "Yes" then the main benefit is that you would be able to apply for additional Stafford Loans at an independent level (loan amounts can be found at

Of course, any financial aid you have is going to be dependent upon your EFC (Expected Family Contribution). You did not elaborate on your situation, so nothing can be really extrapolated.

You should talk to a financial aid officer at your school for more information/guidance. Good luck!
you will be eligible for more money.
You get more money.
be careful with this one...everyone was quick to answer that you'll get more money...this is NOT always the case.

if you file independant and you have a job (either part or full) and only yourself to will pay more than if you are a dependant of your parents and have siblings at home or in college that your parents care for (unless your parents make buco bucks)

if you have a child or can claim a dependant THEN you'll get more money. MY cousin is a 26 year old with no job and pays quite a bit more for her tuition than I do at the same school. We both file independant, but I am a 22 year old single mom of one child not working, so my full tuition, books and fees are covered along with a fin aid refund check every semester for excess fin aid money. BTW- we attend commnuity college so it is cheaper than a university.

That's the difference
You get more money.I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here. Good luck!

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