Can financial aid money be used for off campus living?

Yes. Part of your COA (Cost of Attendance) includes room and board - whether that is living on or off campus. Depending on how much financial aid you have been awarded, once your tuition and fees have been paid, then you should receive a refund for the remainder.

You should talk to a financial aid officer at your school for more information/clarification for your query. Good luck!
On your FAFSA, did you state that you were working Off-Campus? If you did, be sure that you have Financial Aid to cover your Tuition and Fees. If you still have unused Financial Aid after your Tuition / Fees are paid, you should be receiving a refund check for the overage. Be sure to contact your Financial Aid Office and Bursar's Office to see when / how those checks will issued. Also, be sure that your landlord knows that you will be receiving a refund check on ____ date, otherwise you may end up with late fees.

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