Fafsa question?

Question:This year I received a total of 10,800 between financial aid, pell grant and federal loan...I am not resident of the state I am attending University, my question is:

Next year when I apply again will they give the same amount? Or will they consider that I will be a resident and deduct some amount because I will have to pay less because of my resident status?

Thank you in advanced for your answers.

For every year that you are in school and want to receive aid, you should re-apply for the FAFSA. They will ask you to update any information, including your tax info and residency, among other things. If you are not considered a resident in the state where you are attending school, then the FAFSA will not assume you are a resident.
you will not be a resident next year.
if nothing changes it should be close to the same.
If you need less they will give you less. So they will deduct some amount because you have to pay less.
you should re-apply for the FAFSA. I found interesting information about your answer,Federal loans, college grants & partime works here. http://all-student-loan-consolidation.bl... Good luck!

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