EFC result: not calculated ?

Question:I've already signed my fafsa application and at the end I printed the Submission Confirmation page, There's a line there wherein it says that my calculated EFC is 0, but when I checked my status at the web it says there that it's not calculated? How will I update that?

ps: I've answered all the questions about income tax return in reference in my mother's 1040 form. And I don't work so I left all the questions about my salary, tax form etc. either 0 or blank.

I think you have missed something, somewhere. Double check every single question, especially pertaining to income, taxes, and household size. Don't leave anything blank. Put 0's in. Sometimes EFC's aren't calculated because they are missing a parent's signature. Did your mom sign the form or use her PIN number to sign the form? Also, you aren't working now, but did you work any in 2006? If so that info should go on there too.
this happened to me when i did mine. did u do ne corrections? or maybe you forgot signatures? did it say u were subject to verification? just some possibilities

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