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Question:if i went to medical school for 8 years, becuase i want to become a surgeon, how much money approximetly would the total add up to? like for everything: tuition, dorm/board, food, books, and little extra things? my dad said he would pay for my car. and when i finish medical school, how long would it take me to pay everything off?

The least expensive undergrad and med schools will be your own state's state university. If you go out of state, you pay an out-of-state tuition. The most expensive route to take is to attend a private school.

Your cost of living is too variable for anybody to offer an accurate estimate. The primary factor will be your location. The secondary factor will be your life style.

But to give you a ballpark estimate, the average medical student ends up with over $200,000 student loan debt. The average physician pays off the student loan debt in 7 years.

Once you complete med school and enter a residency program you begin to earn a stipend--on average a little over $40,000 for the first year.

Here's a good overview of what it takes to become a physician:

Here's a site for additional facts--look up student loans--

You can get info on residency salaries by looking up the location and specialty at this site:
Well you don't go to medical school for 8 years, you go to college for pre-med first, usually 4 years and then you go to medical school. It all depends on what schools you go to, each has different tuition rates. If you get financial aid that can help also, by making sure you go to before you start college to see if you qualify for aid. But since you want a number, one of my teachers who went to med school and became a doctor was still paying off her $150,000 college education ( But like I said, it depends what college and med school you go to so that's really not a helpful figure ) . If you're a surgeon and live like a college kid you could pay that off in one year, but if you spend lots then obviously it will take longer. There are lots of loan programs for doctorate degrees so look into those that have high lending and deferred payoff. Good luck ~ !
It depends. Medicial school is only four years. I know UCLA is about $60,000 a year and USC is $90,000 a year, so it depends where you go to school. Your undergraduate can range from $10,000 to $50,000.

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