Do i have to be accepted to a college before i fill out the FAFSA forms??

Question:I'm going to community college this winter and all you have to do is register and you are accepted. The problem is they don't start registering for winter semester until the end of November. I want to file my FAFSA forms before i register to make sure i have the money. Can i file before i actually register at the school?

No, you do not. You can send your FAFSA results for up to six colleges whether or not you have applied at them.

You should also check with the financial aid office of where you want to attend to see if you need to complete an in-house application for financial aid.

Once you complete the FAFSA, check with the financial aid office to make sure they have it and it's in their system.

Talk to a financial aid officer at the school for more information/guidance. Good luck!
no....first day to start file for fafsa is jan. 1..i believe. u can file ur fafsa before u get acceptance letters.
You can file the FAFSA even if you haven't applied to any schools. This is good to do anyways because then you'll know if you can get the financial assistance you need to cover tuition.

You can read more about how to apply for the FAFSA here:

Hope this helps!
Yes, you can file the FAFSA before you register. Just remember to put in all the colleges you are thinking about attending. Also, put them in order of preference (sometimes if you put a school in the first choice blank, you can get a special grant for it being your first choice).

You have to wait to fill out the FAFSA for the coming year. You cannot fill it out until January 1st. Do it as soon as you can after January 1st.

After you do this, you can go ahead and register for classes and find out how much financial aid you are getting. Contact the school to see if you can drop out with no fees if you don't get as much financial aid as you hoped for.

Good luck!
File the FAFSA now, using your 06 income information. You do not have to know which school (list several if you can), your major, if you are going to go full or part time or even which degree seeking program you are going into.
After you do your taxes for 07, file another fafsa for the next year. Yes you are applying 8 months in advance, but it's totally worth it.
Good Luck

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