Fasfa question PLEASE HELP?

Question:when fasfa asks ....How much did the student's father/stepfather earn from working (wages, salaries, tips, combat pay, etc.) in 2006 (question 82)?
Answer this question whether or not the student's father filed a tax return. Can i put my dad down whom dident make anything? or do i put my step dad down..& do they mean by hour or by year how much he makes. when they ask about my dad i dont know anything so what do i put? do i still add him? or just my stepdad...

If your step father claims you as a dependant you have to use his information. You need to put down all of the money that he made from working in 2006 - this is usually found on his income tax form. You only have to add your father if he claims you as a dependant. Double check with your school's financial aid office.
put who ever files u as a dependent on their income tax returns
For all the parent questions the first thing you must determine is which set of parents.
With whom did you live more in the past 12 months, your mother or father? If not clear answer on that one, which gave you more monetary support?
By this point you should have decided between your mother and father. If you lived with your mother more, then all the parent questions will refer to your mother and step-father, regardless of whether or not he contributes any money towards your education. Conversely if you lived with your father more in the past 12 months, then all of the questions would refer to your father and step-mother, if applicable.
In recap, if your parents are divorced, you have to determine which one is the 'FAFSA parent' and then use the info for that person and that person's spouse.
May not be fair, but it's the way the feds want you to do it.

They mean the parent who claimed you on your income tax. If you had a parent claim you as a dependent they you must use their taxes. So you will have to get you parent's 1040 tax return and put that into the information.

If you are a dependent under the age 25 then you must use both parent tax return if you're living with them. Or one if you're living with one.
You will need to put your moms and step dads income information until you are 24 or married, or have a child, or are an orphan or ward of the court, or are a veteran or have a bachelor's degree.
It does NOT matter who claims who on what tax form or even if you are living with them or if they are supporting you.
Sorry, federal law...

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