Cosmetology School Grants/loans ETC.?

Question:I will be starting cosmetology school in a couple of months. My question is do any of you know of a grant or loan I can get that will loan me extra money to live on while going to school full time? I also need to know where I can find a loan that I will not have to pay back for atleast 6 months to a year? Thank you so very much in advance guys. I am excited to get things moving! :)

You can get Pell grants and Stafford loans through FAFSA. The Pell does not have to be repaid, it is income contingent. The Stafford loans, there are 2 types; unsubsidized and subsidized, those are repaid starting 6 months AFTER you graduate or leave school. You will accrue interest on the loans while you are in school, but you don't have to start paying them back until you graduate. You can get a personal loan from places like chase student loans or from Sallie Mae of even from Astrive student loans.

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