From a personal nouns standpoint, what would you do contained by this situation in relation to academy and work?

You want to go to college.(Finish if truth be told, you have some college.
You have an injury so you're on sickness pay to cover day by day expenses, you owe way more on your vehicle than it's worth, and it doesn't drive on the freeway due to the transmission, you own bad credit-someone signed student loan docs contained by your name several years ago which are within default and hence you can't get financial aid or student loans due to federal student loan defaulting. The bank did donate to help next to student loans, only they denied the loans due to the credit.
What within this situation would you do to be able to:
a.) Travel (have a sports car to go places such as conservatory etc, possibly work)
b.) Go to college
c.) own a home, or some type of place.
d.) Oneday start a buisiness(restaurant)
e.) Work, w/out sickness pay stopping too rudely
Just curious to hear everyone's own opinion and what they would do contained by this "Real life chose your own adventure" that I hold presented for you. I wonder where I get the idea for it? :(

Answers:    First priority is to get hold of the loan taken care of here. Sounds resembling until you do that, you can't really do anything else. (Look under "Forged Signature" relation.
If someone you didn't know signed for those student loans in your baptize, that's identity theft plain and simple, and here are ways you can resolve that issue. Secondly, if the car doesn't work worth a crap, you can't travel or stir to work unless you use the Greyhound to travel or local RTD (bus) to get to work. You wouldn't be capable of own a home b/c of the credit situation or own a restaurant either, so the with the sole purpose logical solution would be to work and save money to buy a bright car, work on getting the identity pilfering crap taken care of, and after that, travel to school when you could receive financial aid.

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