10 POINTS!! i need a good way to fundraise money?

Question:i'm on a committe at school and we need to raise money for programs and all sorts of things at school.
do u have any ideas on how to do that.
i need both ideas to get money fast, and long term ideas.

it would depend on what kind of things you're planning to do with the money, and how much you're actually needing in the long run. some of the things we did when i was in school:

car-wash-a-thon (free to those getting cars washed; money was raised by collecting sponserships beforehand ~ sponsers signed up to donate the amount of their choice per car washed ~ so 100 cars at $0.10 apiece would be a $10.00 donation, etc. get enough sponsers and you're looking at some serious money).

we also collected money within the student body by doing things such as:

car-bashing~the local wrecking yard donated (tax-deduction for them) a still somewhat decent car, and students paid money to take swings at it with a baseball bat. the amount paid depended on the part in question: first swing at the windshield would cost more than a swing at the side panel, for example.

tape-the-principal~students donated money during homeroom. the amount corresponded to inches in duct tape, that we then used during homecoming week to tape the principal to the wall of the gym. the more money donated, the more tape involved, and the more likely he was to stick there (of course, we let him down after the rally).

pig-kissing~money donated to teachers/administrators buckets. the one with the most cash at the end of the month had to kiss the pig during the rally.

we also had slave day, where the sophomore class auctioned off freshmen to be slaves for the upper classmen for the day (made to throw pennies at their classmates, carry their books, get their lunches, etc). these slaves were auctioned off in the quad area during lunch break. don't think you could get away with this anymore, but hey, it was the 80s; they let us do all sorts of stuff back then. ;-)

that's all i can come up with right now; hope some of it is useful to ya!
Catalouge sales work effectively! Try it!
How about a free car wash with donations acceptable for whatever school you are at. I remember doing one for one of my (x) step-sons football team and we made about 200.00 (this is back in the early to mid 90's) for a days work, and it was alot of fun.
Our school did a recipe drive - the students and parents all submitted recipes and we put together a cook book and sold them - GREAT response, made lots of money!

Also, there is a website: Easy-fundraising-ideas.com that might be helpful to you.

Good luck!
my kids school used to do this thing where, once a month, the kids would have a test,sometimes spelling , sometimes math. The kids would ask family,friends and neighbors to donate money for each problem they got right or word they spelled correctly.It helped the kids to study more and made money for the school.
Not sure where you are here are some of things that have worked for us

Fall clean up sell time to clean a yard up

Arrange a special night at a house or in a park and have a jazz band play for a hour Serve hand foods and tea and other drinks and ask for more donations

If you are cheer group have a small group of cheer leaders
do cheer at business for special occasions or musical play a song ( sell your talents)

Have a parent night out use the gym and have games for kids 1-10 to stay for a few hours have lots of help

Sell time to tutor a younger child

Long term sell insurance for spook night or winter walk clean up

Labor sells faster than candy bake sales are not the good of return rate

Good luck
A car wash, bake sale (those two have proven to work well for my cheerleading team in the past) And most catalog sales (ie: Yankee Candle, Avon) will give back your organization/committee about 10-20% of the sales your group makes for them. :) I hope this helps and good luck with your fundraising! It's actually pretty fun.
Sell stuff that you and the other committee members do not want anymore on craigslist.com. It's like a yard sale but you don't have to put it out and clean it up when you are done. Plus it's free.
You might want to consider running a charity race night the sites below have some free useful advice.


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