24, married, no kids, family (husband's really) income $75,000, what would a FAFSA give me?

Question:It's my 2nd bachelor's degree at a state school (University of Central Florida). I don't know if I can be eligible for a pell grant because it's my 2nd degree, or if we make to much money for them to want to give me anything except loans. I don't want any loans.

Do you think I'd get any kind of grants?

You probably wouldn't get much. My boyfriend's family, which includes 6 people, only helped him get $960/year! So, don't count on much, if anything. You should look more into scholarships. There are TONS of scholarships out there that you can get without any kind of requirements. Also, check with your (or your husband's) employer, they might have tuition assistance programs.

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