Fafsa for married people? Info in general?

Question:I'm 24 and going back to school for a second bachelor's degree. Everyone keeps telling me I should fill out a FAFSA to see if I could get some financial aid. I never did a FAFSA for my first undergrad because I had a full tuition scholarship, and my Father is, for lack of a better word, "rich" and claimed me on his taxes when I was a dependent (as per my parents divorce settlement apparently). He told me not to even bother with it, and he paid for my living expenses when I went to college the first time around. Well, now I'm married and not a dependent anymore. I still don't know if I should fill out a FAFSA. My husband makes about $75,000, so I think all they would offer me is loans maybe? If they would give me some kind of scholarship, that would be nice. But, I don't want to bother with loans. Anyone have any useful info for me?

Once you get a bachelor's degree you aren't eligible for a federal Pell grant. You MIGHT be eligible for loans, but honestly I'm not sure because you already have a bachelor's degree. Searching for scholarships might be an alternative option, but read the fine print to be sure your eligible even with that degree.

My advise: (for what it's worth) reconsider your decision to get a second bachelor's degree and get your Master's or your PhD instead. Two bachelor's degrees does not equal a Masters. It's okay to have your bachelor's degree in one thing and get your Master's in something else.
Most states give at least something for a grant, especially if you go to a state college. It can't hurt to take a few minutes to fill it out. A couple hundred bucks is still something after all.
You probably won't get anything but most colleges require you to fill one out anyway. This way they can see how much of a loan they will give you. They are super easy to do and you can do it right over the internet, just make sure you have your tax return with you because they will ask you tax questions.
Fill it out anyways. It can't hurt. I think I answered your other question, but I'll answer this one too. You probably won't get anything from the government, but in the off-chance you are eligible, you will have the forms filled out and everything. There is a place on the FAFSA to check if you would like loan offers or not. You also might be eligible for workstudy positions, which are fairly easy and pay $7-10/hour and work around your schedule. Also, some scholarships at the University may require you to fill out a FAFSA form so go ahead and give it a shot. Just remember to make your state's deadline, but don't fill it out before January 1st. Also, the earlier you fill out the FAFSA, the better your chances to get financial aid are.
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