Astrive Loans?

Question:Astrive loans?
I heard that Astrive loans put the check in your name. A friend of mine got one of these loans but the check came in her name and her co-signers. The bank would not cash it without her cosigner there also. Is this true? Just wanted to know before I applied for one.

I received an astrive loan with my aunt as a cosigner and they put the check in my name. Maybe the cosigner wanted to be on the check. You can always call as you complete the application to see who's going to be on the check. But it should only be in your name.
Remember that a co-signor is obligated to re-pay the loan if you do not. That means they have a right to know the loan status, including any disbursements.
When applying for a student loan from a private party, such as Astrive be sure to shop around to be sure you get the best overall deal. i.e. rates, fees, re-payment terms.

Here are a couple others I've been recommending

Chase Bank has a private student loan option,

You should also try Student Loan Advisors, they have really fast answers and of course no cost to apply. It will take about 7 to 10 days to get your check.

If you apply online during the holiday, they will call you back on Tuesday to confirm your information. At that time, be sure to have all of your and your co-signors information handy to answer any questions they may have.

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