Does this EFC sound correct?

Question:I just filled a fafsa for my son and his efc is 13000. Does this sound correct. My income combined with my ex-husbands is only 50k. Is 13000k the amount my son is suppose to pay. Thank you

You have made a mistake and need to correct it.
Your ex's income (or any information about him) should not be on the form. If you are currently married, then put yours and your current husbands income on the form.
I would double check to be sure you didnt add too many zeros when filling out the forms.but your EFC will be higher if you only have one child, two incomes and no one else in college. That does sound high for the income you specified but it's possible. Check back at and make sure all your information is correct. Then resubmit another application with the corrections. Good Luck.
Totally incorrect unless your son is attending a college that cost about 40 grand a year... ouch. Log back into the website and double check what you filled out.
My best guess is that its supposed to be thirteen hundred not thirteen thousand. I would double check things. And if your ex-husband doesn't reside with you and your son, you really shouldn't add him into things.

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