Double major-- tuiton!!?

Question:If i double major, would I have to pay double the tuition? if not, how much more would I have to pay?


No, you would not have to pay double the tuition. However, depending on how well the two majors work together, it could result in spending an extra year or two attending college. Also there could be fees associated with the particular major, but the individual school would have the information on it. I will include some free ways to locate tuition funding to attend college.

First, current high school seniors can locate a list of local scholarships at their high school guidance office. Sometimes they will list some of the state grant programs.

Second, the local public library has a book listing scholarships with some of them not located on the web.

Third, the college's financial aid office and website sometimes lists scholarships that a student could apply for consideration. Also, some college majors list scholarships on their webiste.

Fourth, fill out the FAFSA form. It will provide need based financial aid from the federal government. The amount you will receive is based on your parents' income and savings along with your income and savings. Depending on the EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) score, you will qualify for Pell Grants, federal work study program, student loans, and college scholarships. This is fill out each year in either January or early February for the upcoming fall semester or quarter until you graduate.

Finally, join several free membership scholarship search websites. Most offer a detailed initial membership survey form. A good number are national scholarships though, but a few include local scholarships, too.

Good luck!
Ummm.. I don't think soo.. At least, I think you pay the same tuition that your program tells you to. You could email the program coordinator and find out.
For most schools for a double major you would pay for the extra classes. Most schools will not require you to "double take" general requirement classes. So these count towards both your majors and you only take them once. So youre only left to pay for the extra classes you take to meet the extra requirements for each major. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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