Are there legitimate free government grants for working single mothers?

Question:Most of the websites I've visited seem to be scams asking you to purchase their book and information. I believe if there are grants out there, no one should have to pay for this information or to apply. If you know of any legitamit free grant programs for single parents, single mothers, teachers, low income home owners, etc.please let me know.
I am a single mother with 2 children solely supporting our household on a full time low income budget. (TSS worker) Paying bills and the mortgage has become unbearable due to the courts terminating the support I use to receive for my daughter. Her father could afford a corrupt lawyer using her support payments, and I had to go bankrupt. I also qualify and am presently receiving food stamps and other low income help from utility companies, school, etc. My other child's father is in and out of drug rehabs and prison, so getting support from him via the court system has been a joke for the past 14 yrs. Please help if you can. Thanks so much. :

Here are some sites that offer grants and support for single mothers:

Hope this helps. Good luck!
If you are looking for a handout, I'm afraid you're out of luck. It sounds like you're already getting a lot of low cost breaks. If you have a mortgage I'm surprised you are able to even get food stamps. My suggestion is that you go to college and get a better paying job. You might be able to get grants for that, but if not you can always get financial aid.
oh my goodness, i wish i could help you with the grants far as getting child not give up! my daughter is also 14 and her father is on house arrest for dealing drugs..been to jail too many times to count. he was ordered to pay 50 dollars per month 7 years ago..and just yesterday he finally went to court for contempt for not paying child support..he was ordered to pay 160 a week until the 4000 he is behind is paid..hang in there and don't give up..and dont just forget about the support..that is owed to you..just keep looking, good things happen to good people.
Go to :
This service is a free service (facilitated by the fed) that will evaluate your ability to contribute to your education. Depending on your income and other factors you will be offered loans and if you qualify, grants.
Make sure to visit the Financial Aid office of the school you plan to attend- they will give you a printout that itemizes and totals the expected cost of attendance (including tuition, books, transport, housing...), this will figure importantly.
The application takes about 45 minutes to complete, assuming you have your recent tax returns.
This is not a third party lender or gimmick, this is THE site for federal student aid.
eveyvendetta I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, COLLEGE GRANTS & partime works here. Good luck!
Try going to It's a website designed to help you find scholarships for college. Hope it helps :)

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