New York Scholarships?

I'm a UK Student who is looking to study at one of the New York University / colleges. I was merely wondering does anybody know anything about the scholarship they offer? I'm not too sure on scholarship themselves, the way they work and the requirements etc. But adjectives i know is that i don't think here is any other way im going to be capable of afford all of the fee's that are going to come up, especially as my mother is a single mum looking after 3 children.

gratefulness alot

Answers:    You need to contact the school you are interested in directly and ask them what compassionate of financial assistance (merit and need-based) is available for international students. It is impossible to give you an estimate more or less "New York scholarships" because all university are different and so are scholarships. You might try surfing a grant site such as to see if there are international scholarship available that you can get that are not affiliated near a particular university (meaning you can use them at any conservatory -- we refer to them in the US as outside scholarships).

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